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Pass Plus Registered Driving School in Portishead


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I found Francis O'Loughlin to be a very reliable, proficient and patient instructor. Having now passed my driving test, I am now taking advantage of the Pass Plus course.


I had a very reliable and friendly instructor, he always arrived on time so I got a full lengh driving lesson. It was well prepared and organised lessons with good teaching, so I learnt a lot quite quickly. Overall I recommend this company.


I took 20 hours of lessons with Francis and then went on to pass my driving test first time. He was easy to get on with and talked me through any aspects of driving that I wasn't sure of. Many thanks in helping me pass my test.


Francis is always prompt, efficient and more importantly patient. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to sail through their driving test!


I found Mr O'Loughlin a very clear instructor and will certainly be recommending him to my younger brother when he starts to learn hopefully next January.


Just to say that Francis's excellent teaching style turned me from a nervous to a relaxed and confident driver. He is such a good teacher and took me through my paces in the most patient way.


This is a much overdue note of appreciation for persevering with me to get me through my driving test. Although I still have yet to find a job, I have been for two interviews where I needed to drive - so I am truly grateful for your kind and professional dedication and support - especially when I felt hopeless! My confidence is (gradually) increasing and I look forward to taking the Pass Plus training with you.


I would like to thank Francis for helping me pass my test. He was a big help and consistently professional when teaching me. I only had 23.5 hours of lessons and passed first time. I would recommend him to future pupils wanting to learn to drive because he has a significant pass rate and is understanding.


I was a first time driver and had had no previous lessons. Francis O'Loughlin had extreme patience. I was a very nervous driver at first but as my lessons progressed I became much more confident. I also felt very well equipped for my practical test as Francis explained everything in great detail; I was never unsure of the road rules. I passed first time and I feel that was hugely down to Francis and his very thorough teaching. He was always punctual and very reliable.


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